Who We Are

Market & Co. is a food experience like no other—it mixes exceptional fresh food offerings with the tradition and authenticity of merchant-style city markets.

Market & Co. is a combination of your local baker, seafood market, produce, juicery and restaurants all rolled into one, curated market and gathering place.

With more than 18 best-in-class artisans, merchants lining the space, and fabulous restaurants offering dine-in experiences, there is definitely something for everyone at Market & Co.

Kitchen & Co.—a contemporary kitchen space and demonstration area—is located in the heart of the market and offers a fun and educational opportunity for guests to cook, create, learn and enjoy the food and ingredients that are offered within the market.

Explore the difference and bring the tradition of wholesome, healthy, feel-good food back into your home.

Share in the excitement as neighbours, friends and families congregate in one incredible location to buy, learn, eat and celebrate amazing (and delicious) food.

See you soon.