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Safety Measures

Please review our safety guidelines and additional steps we are taking to keep you, our staff and community safe. 

What We’re Doing To Keep You Safe:

  • Increased our cleaning frequency in high-touch and high-traffic areas using best practices and products identified by health organizations
  • Installed signage to reinforce physical distancing, guide customer traffic flow and hygiene
  • Placed hand sanitizer stations throughout the shopping centre
  • Limited capacity in the shopping centre, all elevators and washrooms
  • Some seating has been removed and clearly marked as out-of-use to maintain physical distance

Planning Your Visit

If you have any questions during operating hours, text us at 905 218 1630

  • Select stores are not accepting Upper Canada Gift Cards for Curbside Pickup purchases. Please check in advance with the store prior to making your purchase.
  • Upper Canada’s management team works closely with local government and public health throughout this period and will continue to do so. The health and safety of employees, customers and the community at large is our top priority.

New Ways To Shop

Retailers Offering Curbside Pickup

For your convenience, we are offering Curbside Pickup in clearly marked zones in our parking area. Participating stores will provide you with a pickup location when you complete your order. 

See stores offering Curbside Pickup (hours may vary, check store page for details). 

How to use Curbside Pickup:

  • To make a purchase, first check the list and make sure the store is offering Curbside or Pickup. Then, contact the individual store by phone or online to confirm operating hours, the availability of the desired merchandise, and payment options to complete your purchase.​
  • Go to the designated curbside pickup lot
  • Pull into a designated parking spot, call the store to confirm your arrival & give them your parking spot number. A store employee will deliver the purchase to the backseat or trunk of your vehicle whenever possible.​​
  • On behalf of Upper Canada, our retailers and staff, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this process.
Curbside-Pick-Up - Upper Canada

Curbside Pickup – Green Lot

905-953-9383 – Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Orange Lot

905-836 9290 – Visit Website

American Eagle
Curbside Pickup- Orange Lot

905-952-0561 – Visit Website

Apple- Red Lot
Genius Bar by Appointment Only
905-952-3400 Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Red Lot 
905-895-8777 – Visit Website

Banana Republic
Curbside Pickup- Green Lot
905-853-6085 – Visit Website

Browns Shoes
Curbside Pickup- Orange Lot 
905-868-8646 Visit Website

Call it Spring
Curbside Pickup- Red Lot

905-895-6761 – Visit Website

Caryl Baker Visage
e Pickup- Red Lot 
905-836-8577 – Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Green Lot 

905-875-0738 – Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Orange Lot
905- 235-2200 – Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Orange Lot 

905-898-7195 Visit Website

Danish Pastry House
Curbside Pickup- Red Lot 

Eddie Bauer
Curbside Pickup- Orange Lot 
905-836-5614 Visit Website

Gap/Gap Kids/Baby
Curbside Pickup- Red Lot 

905-836-1738- Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Green Lot
905-836-0999- Visit Website

Available on Instacart – Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Orange Lot 

905-836-0040 – Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Orange Lot

647-341-5333 – Visit Website

Howard Jewellers
By appointment only- Green Lot
905-836-2726 – Visit Website

Hudson’s Bay
Curbside Pickup – Yellow Lot
Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
905-853 0986 – Visit Website

Kiddie Kobbler
Curbside Pickup- Red Lot 
905-853-4777 – Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Red lot 

905-953-1093- Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Red Lot 
905-836-0500 Visit Website

Linen Chest
Curbside Pickup- Red Lot 
905-830-3629 – Visit Website

L’Occitane en Provence
Curbside Pickup- Orange Lot
905-895-6271 – Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Orange Lot 

905-853-5399 – Visit Website

Lush- Green Lot
Curbside Pickup 

289-338-0356- Visit Website

Ma’s Best 
Curbside Pickup – Purple Lot
905-235-5977 – Visit Website

Melanie Lyne
Curbside Pickup- Orange Lot 
905-830-1401 – Visit Website

Michael Kors
Curbside Pickup- Green Lot 

905-954-1541 Visit Website

Old Navy
Curbside Pickup- Green Lot
905-830-1892 – Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Orange Lot 

905-836-9555 – Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Green Lot 
905-898-6767 Extension 115 – Visit Website

Sport Chek
Curbside Pickup – Purple Lot
Monday – Sunday 8am-8pm
905-952-0160 – Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Red Lot
Email for order and appointment – info@starsmenshops.com
905-830-0310 – Visit Website

The Body Shop
Curbside  Pickup- Red Lot
905-836-5113 – Visit Website

Toys R Us
Curbside Pickup – Blue Lot

905-895-0869 – Visit Website

Curbside Pickup – Exterior Entrance
289-383-7897 – Visit Website

Curbside Pickup- Red Lot 

905-853-9019 – Visit Website