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Our First Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving weekend, make sure to stop by Market & Co. to pick-up fresh ingredients, specialty goods, baked desserts, wine or décor for hosting your Thanksgiving dinner!


Here is a breakdown of the delicious goods you can find:

Amadeus Patisserie
This family-run business is known for extravagant and elegant looking cakes and pastries. If you’re passing on the pumpkin/apple pie this year, your guests won’t notice if they have desserts from Amadeus Patisserie!

Amano Kitchen
Amano Kitchen is an open-concept kitchen and restaurant for families, couples and friends. We recommend you start off with their Calamari and try their pasta dish called ‘Black Trumpets’!

Bake Three Fifty
If you are coming into the market with the little ones, they’ll love all the sprinkles and additional topping options they’ll have at Bake Three Fifty!

First Batch
We love this collaboration between BRIKA and Foodiepages! You can find adorable succulents to put on your coffee table, adult & baby matching outfits, candle sets worth purchasing and lots more to choose from!

Can’t forget about flowers this weekend! Flowers add personality to your home, décor and table. Plus, the best flowers are in season at this time. Let an expert from FloralEscence help you arrange a centerpiece or have them arrange one for you!

Humble Roots Organic
If you need to pick up a pumpkin pie because you’re on the go, their raw pumpkin pie made up of nut-based crust with butternut squash and cashew filling, sweetened with maple syrup, dates and pumpkin spices is sure to have your guests going for seconds!

Kitchen & Co.
This Thanksgiving weekend, we’re hosting a FREE drop-in class for children above the age of 4. They’ll be cooking breakfast with Chef Julian Pancer guiding them each and every step! Learn more here.

Ma’s Best Quality Soups
If you’re suffering from a cold this weekend or you’re looking to warm up and feel cozy, Ma’s Best Quality Soups is for you! Have a sip of their Roasted Red Pepper & Sweet Potato soup, which is the perfect starter to warm your guests up.

MidiCi the Neapolitan Pizza Company
The restaurant has been busy firing up pizzas in their brick-ovens! MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company is the first to Canada all the way from California. They’re sure leave a lasting impression with their delicious pizza and antipasti dishes!

Newmarket Olive Oil Co.
You can’t serve bread and wine without good olive oil and balsamic vinegar! Apart from your classic oils/balsamic vinegars, you can expect to see a wide variety of options and unique flavours!

Our Farm Organic Bakery
You can’t beat the taste of freshly baked bread! Our Farm Organic Bakery bakes fresh bread daily and offers a range of baked goods to choose from. Plus they specialize in sourdough and spelt breads that are both delicious and healthy!

Pier87 Fish Market & Grill
If you’re not going the traditional route of cooking turkeys this Thanksgiving, try serving seafood as your main course! Pier 87 Fish Market & Grill is your go-to for fresh seafood and knowledge of great pairings! They also have a bar seating meaning you can enjoy some fresh shucked oysters with a glass of wine.

Ray Woodey’s Craft Chippery
For movie nights this weekend, purchase freshly baked chips from Ray Woodey’s Craft Chippery and take advantage of their wide variety of flavours! Plus, you can see up close the machine working to bake those chips!

Seed to Sausage Meatery
For your fresh cut meats to serve on your Thanksgiving table, visit Seed to Sausage Meatery where their trained professionals can offer recommendations and even tasting right at the bar!

You can’t go wrong with a pumpkin spice latte while you stroll through the aisles of Market & Co. Let us know the recipe of your secret drink for the Fall season!

Sugar King Factory
This weekend is full of indulgence so don’t miss out on grabbing a bag full of candies and sweet treats! They import treats from all the over world that you won’t be able to find in your local candy shops.

Sweet Jesus
Speaking of indulgence, you won’t find ice cream like Sweet Jesus ice cream! Their creamy soft-serve is the perfect base for delicious toppings like red velvet crumbs, and chocolate chunks!

The Wine Shop and Tasting Room
When it comes down to it, your guests will love and appreciate great wine. Experts here at The Wine Shop and Tasting Room are here to offer their knowledge in the wines they carry while you sit down and enjoy your wine tasting!

Union Chicken
They are known for their spit fire roasted chicken (which you’ll see going round and round in their restaurant!) and of course their OG style fried chicken. You can have it in a sandwich or enjoy the chicken on a plate, either way, there’s so many flavours to taste!

Village Juicery
If you need a detox from all the turkey and stuffing you eat over this weekend, their charcoal Detox Tonic is for you! It cleanses out impurities from your body and will truly give your body a needed detox. Speak with a certified nutrionist onsite (they’re there everyday!) to see what’s the best juice/tonic suited for you and your daily needs.

Vince’s Market
Grab your fresh produce from Vince’s Market for your turkey stuffing needs or pick-up a premade pie to serve on the table! Let us know how you get creative with your Thanksgiving dishes!



On behalf of Market & Co., we want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!