Meet your Chef: Michael Angeloni from Union Chicken and Amano at Market & Co, Upper Canada

What does a top chef eat when they get home? Here’s a peek inside Chef Michael Angeloni’s own kitchen.

Step into Union Chicken or Amano restaurants and you’ll find no shortage of dishes filled with what Executive Chef Michael Angeloni loves to cook for his customers. But, what does he eat at the end of a busy workday or on his days off?

Known for his creativity and versatility, Angeloni has worked with many of Toronto’s finest chefs. Carving out a name for himself on the Toronto restaurant scene and heading up the kitchens of Union Chicken and Amano, it’s no surprise his days are fuelled by coffee – a strong cup of Propeller stovetop espresso, black – gets his day started – washed down with a glass of milk. There’s often not a lot of time for breakfast, so he’ll either gulp down a bowl of cereal or arrive at work and grab a fresh pastry at Amano.

For lunch, Angeloni opts for a fried chicken sandwich from Union Chicken or a bowl of Amano’s pasta. When his long day comes to an end – usually around midnight, he’s in search of something quick and easy to eat, like a takeaway burger or instant ramen. If he comes home with some energy to spare, Angeloni will make himself a giant salad. In fact, salad is one of only four dishes he makes in his own kitchen – along with the ramen, pierogies and pasta.

Does a chef ever go grocery shopping? Angeloni admits that he often grabs stuff from his restaurants – such as a rotisserie bird from Union Chicken, as well as freshly made pasta from Amano. He’ll head to a greengrocer for his salads fixings. When it comes to enjoying a drink on his days off, a glass of whiskey or rye hits the spot.

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Union Chicken, Market & Co at Upper Canada

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Amano, Market & Co at Upper Canada

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