Create the Perfect Charcuterie Board for Entertaining


Charcuterie boards bring together the finest cured meats, cheeses, fresh fruits and delicacies.
They are perfect for entertaining because it offers a variety for your guests to snack on and enjoy.

Assemble a beautiful and scrumptious charcuterie board for your guests – they’ll fall in love with the different flavours of Seed to Sausage Cured Meats that are ethically raised, hormonone and antibiotic free.

All of these ingredients listed below can be found at Market & Co., offering a one stop shopping experience!


  • Seed to Sausage Cured Meats (The more variety, the better!)
  • Kalamata olives from Vince’s Market
  • Blackberries from Vince’s Market
  • Brie Cheese from Seed to Sausage
  • Gouda Cheese from Seed to Sausage
  • Fruit Jam from Seed to Sausage
  • Gherkins from Vince’s Market
  • Kosher Salt
  • Fresh Baguette Bread from Our Farm Organic Bakery
  • Chopped Chives from Vince’s Market


  • Large marble slab or large wooden board (safe to handle food)
  • Fresh Rosemary or herbs
  • Tableware accessories (Striped linen napkins, candles)




  1. Lay out your marble slab/wooden board in the desired space on your table.
  2. Spread out your cured meats first to fill up the board (Plus it’s easier for your guests to pick apart this way)!
  3. Slice the fresh baguette bread, place them onto a baking tray with olive oil. Once taken out, sprinkle a little bit of kosher salt to add extra flavour.
  4. After adding the cured meats on the board, add elements such as pickles, blackberries, rosemary, baked bread and cheese in between the meats or in the empty spaces on the board. It’s a chance for you to get creative!
  5. Instead of slicing every piece of the cheese, have your guest cut to their desired amount.
  6. Once all ingredients and elements are on the board, feel free to dress up the board by sprinkling chopped chives on the meats!
  7. It’s best to prepare the board 30 minutes before serving to allow the cured meats and cheese to come to room temperature. Make sure to clean your boards well after eating for future use!
  8. Enjoy with wine!